What makes an iconic golf hole? For many, it's the memories. The time you stripped a perfect drive 300+ yards to the exact position you wanted or when a hole challenged you to your wits-end and you almost gave up, yet managed to salvage a double bogey. Regardless, you remember that hole and the desire to repeat the magnificence or face the golf demons and better your game will surface again and again. The best Par 5's in British Columbia do exactly that. They will taunt you to let the Big Dog eat. You'll swing for the fences and if you're on your game, be rewarded with a perfectly positioned second shot that could line you up for a clean approach and easy putt. Now we all know that only happens when the stars align, so don't forget about the other components of a great golf hole. One of those items that factor into memorable moments on a golf course is the scenery, and British Columbia has spectacular views around every bend. In fact, many of the Par 5's highlighted manage to pull in the elements of their surroundings and encourage you to divert your focus away from your game. From flirting with water on Vancouver Island to watching your ball soar above mountain ridgelines, a round of golf in BC is more than just a low score. As with our previous post about the Par 3 - Iconic Golf Holes, this list is a taster to the buffet of Par 5's available in BC. Enjoy the appetizers then come for a full course of incredible golf in British Columbia.

British Columbia's Iconic Golf Holes - Par 5's

Crown Isle Golf Resort - Hole #5

Where: Courtenay, BC - Vancouver Island

Designer: Graham Cooke

What Makes It Special: A relatively short par 5, it's not the length of the hole here that will create the memories rather the challenge in placing your golf ball in just the right spot. A large water feature to your right offers an inviting watery grave for that new ProV, so don't be greedy as many a ball has found its way in there with a big fade. If you trust your driver, hit a long shot towards with a slight draw and you'll be rewarded with a relatively risk-free approach to the green. All bets are off of course if you're facing a back right pin placement, then the water comes back into play and anything could happen. golfvancouverisland/crown-isle-golf-course

Shadow Mountain Golf Course, Cranbrook

Shadow Mountain Golf Course, Cranbrook

Shadow Mountain - Hole #17

Where: Cranbrook, BC - Kootenay Rockies

Designer: Wayne Carleton

What Makes It Special: Elevated tee shot, beautiful Rocky Mountain backdrop, and a long, long fairway all add up to one incredible hole. The 606 yard (from the Gold Tees) 17th at Cranbrook's Shadow Mountain is simply a must do when talking about iconic golf holes. Aptly named "The Monster", a crushing drive will require accuracy to stay in play on the narrow fairway 100 feet below you. Enjoy the view on this one! shadowmountain.ca

Tobiano - Hole #8

Tobiano Golf Course, Kamloops

Where: Kamloops, BC - Kamloops

Designer: Thomas McBroom

What Makes It Special: When prolific golf writer Andrew Penner states in his article 10 Best Golf holes in British Columbia, that "the beautiful 8th at Tobiano captures the raw and rugged charm of one of the most exciting courses to play in the country" - you know you're going to enjoy this hole. This 585 yard hole has ravines, bunkers and dog-legs that will force you to focus on each hit, all the while the brilliant blue of Kamloops Lake will draw your attention away between shots. Needless to say, Tobiano will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. golfkamloops.com/golf/tobiano

Chateau Whistler - Hole #18

Chateau Whistler Golf Club, Whistler

Where: Whistler, BC - Whistler

Designer: Robert Trent Jones Jr.

What Makes It Special: Playing 543 yards from the Gold tees, the finishing hole at the Chateau Whistler will beg you to hit it big, just don't let the relatively straight forward appearance of this hole lull you to complacency. Crush it off the tee and you're still left with a long approach shot over the left fairway bunker, which will line you up to the tiered green. If customer reviews are any indication of what to expect then you are in for a treat at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club. As one reviewer stated on GolfAdvisor "If I had to choose one round in Whistler before my death bed, this would be it." Comments like this make it easy to understand why the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club would have one of BC's most iconic golf holes.

What Are Your Favourite Par 5's In BC?

Are these the most iconic par 5 holes in British Columbia? There are many others and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incredible golf holes in BC. We invite you over to one of our social channels and share your Iconic Golf Holes. Golf in British Columbia Facebook  Golf in British Columbia Twitter  Golf in British Columbia Google +