British Columbia encompasses the ancestral lands of 203 First Nation communities, spanning 36 traditional territories. Ninety-five percent of the province remains unceded traditional First Nations territory, embodying a profound connection to these lands that stretches back since time immemorial. As you traverse the diverse landscapes of British Columbia while travelling, golfing, or visiting local parks and establishments, keep in mind an awareness of these traditional territories that are sacred spaces nurtured by an intricate tapestry of culture and tradition. Many regions harbour culturally significant sites or serve as vital grounds for the gathering of food and traditional medicines. As you explore British Columbia on a golf vacation, please ensure through your daily activities the preservation of the natural environment and the cultural heritage that graces these majestic landscapes.

What to Expect When Golfing in British Columbia


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Travel Requirements

For more information on federal border measures and requirements, including crossing the border via car, please visit the Government of Canada website.

Canada Border Services Agency has current information for visitors to British Columbia about required travel documents, restricted goods, travelling with children and pets, and other resources.

For information about entering or reentering the United States, visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Roads & Ferries

Please remember to check DriveBC before you hit the road to be advised of current road conditions in British Columbia. Visit Emergency Info BC for updated details on emergencies, including evacuation orders and alerts.

Find all you need to know about travelling with BC Ferries at Reservations are strongly recommended. If you have questions contact 1-888-BC Ferry, or

Weather & Weather-Related Events

Currency & Monetary Transactions

Most businesses accept credit cards (mainly Visa and Mastercard), but it’s a good idea to carry some Canadian cash. ATMs, located in banks and retail areas, dispense Canadian currency. A bank or currency exchange outlet can change your funds to Canadian dollars. Banks are generally open Monday to Friday, with some open on weekends.

A federal goods and services tax (GST) of 5% and a provincial sales tax (PST) of 7% are applicable to most purchased goods and services.

A customary tip at bars and restaurants is 15-20%. Tips are also given to tour guides, taxi drivers, and for spa treatments and haircuts. Porters at airports, railway stations, and hotels generally expect $1-2 per item of luggage.