When the glaciers of the last ice age retreated from what was to become British Columbia thousands of years later, they sculpted a majestic and varied landscape that is not found anywhere else in the world. Temperate rainforests, arid semi-deserts and alpine peaks that stretch to the sky all provide the canvas on which BC's prolific golf course designers have painted masterpieces upon. We previously revealed BC's top golf course designers and how some very notable names have influenced the style of play in British Columbia. Now we want to dig a little deeper and explore the finer details of what makes an unforgettable golf trip, and that can come down to the courses you're playing and those memorable holes you go home telling your friends about.

With hundreds of golf courses and over 1000 par 3 holes in BC to choose from, narrowing down the selection of the top iconic par 3 golf holes in BC is no easy task. We've consulted with golf industry professionals from around the province to get their opinion and we've even played a few courses ourselves, just to be sure. The selection process is completely subjective, with no rating system or analysis, we've simply selected what we think are some of the par 3 golf holes you must play when golfing in British Columbia. The best part about this, we know there are dozens more signature par 3's waiting to be discovered. So, in no particular order...

British Columbia's Iconic Golf Holes - The Par 3's

Bear Mountain Golf Resort - Hole #14 Mountain Course

Bear Mountain Golf Resort, Langford, Greater Victoria

Bear Mountain Golf Resort, Langford, Greater Victoria

Where: Victoria, BC - Vancouver Island

Designer: Jack & Steve Nicklaus

What Makes It Special: Washington States' majestic Olympic Mountains reach skyward over your right shoulder, British Columbia's capital city Victoria stretched out in the distance in front of you, and 165 yards away - if you're playing the Golden tees - lies a receptive green, begging for you to lay down a bet that you can get KP. Jack Nicklaus thought this would be a great betting hole, and he was right. So, get your group photo out of the way quickly and be sure your shot is accurate. If you miss the green, you might need to dig for a new ball. bearmountain.ca

Trickle Creek - Hole #11

Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Kimberley | Hux.net

Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Kimberley | Hux.net

Where: Kimberley, BC - Kootenay Rockies

Designer: Les Furber

What Makes It Special: Carved out of the forest on the slopes of North Star Mountain, Trickle Creek crosses creeks, ravines, and natural ponds while showcasing unforgettable views of the Rocky Mountains to the West. Club down on this hole. From your elevated position, and as one of BC's highest elevation golf courses, your golf ball will fly further here. So grip it, rip it and hopefully you'll be buying the drinks at the end of the round. tricklecreek.com

Nicklaus North Golf Club - Hole #17

Nicklaus North Golf Golf Course, Whistler

Where: Whistler, BC - Whistler

Designer: Jack Nicklaus

What Makes It Special: A long and challenging Par 3, measuring 226 yards from the back tees, requires a well thought out plan to make par. A large catchment bunker can be a saviour for those who go for it, as a sandy ball is better than a lost ball into azure waters of Green Lake to your left. nicklausnorth.com

What Are Your Favourite Par3's In BC?

What do you think, are these the best three par 3 holes in British Columbia? The great thing about golf is one golfers favourite course or hole is another's nemesis. Head over to one of our social homes and share your Iconic Golf Holes.