Golfers love a challenge. That must be the case, as it is evidenced in every swing of a club made in effort to place a 1.68" diameter golf ball in a 4.25" diameter cup, several hundred yards away in the least amount of strokes. The challenge of improving ones' score or hitting the perfect strike, is what keeps golfers coming back time and time again. Sportfishing in British Columbia could be considered another of the great personal challenges. Playing a wild and beautiful 30lb Coho Salmon as your boat sways back and forth in the Pacific ocean, or trying to elegantly place a fly in the crystal clear mountain streams flowing from the Rocky Mountains, each challenge the mental and physical aspects of the fisher. Combine these two ageless activities and you have one incredible British Columbia two-sport challenge that will create memories to last for years to come.

Fishing at Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

The Pacific Beckons With Emerald Greens and Brilliant Blues!

The colour pallet of British Columbia golf courses are brilliant greens and blues, and that's why water activities like fishing go perfectly with golf. Golfers and anglers come from around the world to experience the amazing fishing opportunities available in the Pacific Ocean. BC's tidal water fishing areas stretch from the Southern tip of Vancouver Island around Victoria to North of Prince Rupert offering over 20,000 km (12,000 mi) of coastline to explore and catch the Big One! Halibut, Salmon, Dungeness Crab and Spotted Prawns all call these waters home. Chinook Salmon, considered by many to be one of the top trophy fish due to their great fight, and the incredibly tasty Sockeye salmon, are expected to make huge returns to the waters around Vancouver Island in 2014, making this the year to plan your very own Fins & Skins golf package like the one available through Golf Vancouver Island.

Sturgeon Fishing in BC

Mountains, Lakes & Streams - Freshwater Fishing in BC.

Fishing in Fernie | Destination BC/Dave Heath

Fishing in Fernie | Destination BC/Dave Heath

British Columbia is a land of mountains and water. The crystal clear glacier feed streams that start in those mountains are the perfect home for rainbow, bull trout and the beautiful Kokanee freshwater salmon. With over 25,000 lakes and tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, British Columbia's freshwater fishing opportunities are limitless. The largest and some of the oldest fish found anywhere, the white Sturgeon can be found in the murky waters of the Fraser River outside of Vancouver. These prehistoric giants can grow up to 3m/12ft and weigh in excess of 1,200lb creating memorable battles. As recently as July 2020, a local family enjoying a BC staycation hooked into an incredibly large White Sturgeon, weighing 522lbs.

Want to try your hand at fly fishing? Fly-in remote lodges off of Vancouver Island to emerald mountain lakes in the Kootenay Rockies offer everything an angler could desire.

In the centre of the province, Kamloops should be considered a golfer and freshwater fishers' paradise. With over 100 fishing lakes, 8 incredible featured golf courses within 1 hour of downtown, and the fact that the Kamloops Visitor Centre will loan you a rod and tackle box through the Go Fish BC - Rod Loan Program, you can create a fishing week for you and your family.

Know Before You Go

Regardless of your experience as a fisher or a golfer, British Columbia offers endless opportunities to combine two great activities in one vacation. Custom Fishing & Golf Packages - Find a Fishing Guide in BC - Download a guide to fishing in BC with the BC Sport Fishing Guide.