Featured Golf Destination: Kamloops

If you like your conditions hot and your golf hotter, it’s time to golf Kamloops BC!

Kamloops has been coined ‘the hottest market in Canadian golf ‘ for good reason. The golf courses in Kamloops lie on the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert, a location which yields the kind of conditions you’d expect from the desert: warm summer temperatures, long, hot days perfect for extra hours of golfing, and an eight-month plus golf season.

The compliment is about more than just the weather though. It’s got just as much, if not more, to do with the golf itself to be found in and around Kamloops. Dramatic course layouts by world famous golf course architects, spectacular views, and challenging, immensely fulfilling golf which ticks all the boxes for an exciting golf experience. Aka hot golf.

This series of videos from Golf Kamloops showcases the region’s courses beautifully, but to really see what people mean when they call Kamloops ‘the hottest market in Canadian golf’, it’s probably best you play it for yourself.